Hike through the bay (traversée) with a certified guide. English, German, French and Spanish.

  • What it is:

    The bay can be crossed by foot when the water retreats or at low tide. You will discover little by little the world famous Mont St Michel and be priviliged to see, like the pilgrims did hundreds of years ago, the most beautiful facade of the Mont (only visible from the bay). Francois will explain the fauna and flaura of the bay, the tide phenomenom, the history of Saint Michael and the Mont St Michel

  • Where it starts:

    In the village of Genêts, Saint Leonard or from the Tourism office in Mont Saint Michel if it is a loop

  • What to wear:

    It is done barefoot however, pack a pair of beach sandals for when you get to the Mont St Michel (neoprene footwear can be rented), shorts, wind breaker, bag pack, sweater or sweatshirt if weather is chilly, hat or cap.

  • How long:

    Single way is 6-7 km Given that there is a commentary it takes 3 hours to get to the Mont-Saint-Michel. Two way tour 12-14km around 5-6 hours.

  • At what time :

    Departure time depends on the tide. So please check with François directly (website and contact information below)

  • For tariffs and departure dates

    Please check the website  http://www.traversee-montsaintmichel.com/

  • Commentary in English, French, German and Spanish possible.

  • If you wish a private group please contact him directly  06 46 17 75 13 info@traversee-montsaintmichel.com


Location de vélos

Vélos neufs tout équipés (porte bagage, béquille, cadenas, un d’entre eux a un panier).

Sans frais: siège bébé, casques adultes (2), casques enfants (2).

Sur place

Ana Maria et François mettent à votre disposition : barbecue, table de ping-pong, jeu de pétanque, jeu de palets et livres.