Places to enjoy a nice meal… we highly recommend you book in advance at least for your first night.


GENÊTS (at 2km from the B&B):

« La Pause desGenêts » 02 33 89 72 38 (11 rue Entrepont, 50530 Genêts)* OUR FIRST CHOICE

Great French food (quite gourmet), cozy ambience and good service. Opened from Thursday night to Sunday included. From July to mi-September opened all week except on Monday. Very nice terracee/garden in the back. MUST BE RESERVED IN ADVANCE, otherwise might be full. 

« Chez François » 02 33 70 83 98 (2 rue Jérémie, 50530 Genêts)

Meat cooked in the chimney. Good ambience, great local spot. Closed on Wednesday, Thursday and first Friday of every month. MUST BE RESERVED IN ADVANCE, otherwise might be full. 



« Le Jardin de Dunes » 02 33 68 28 20 (23 Route de Pignochet, 50530 Saint-Jean-le-Thomas)

Pizzeria, Grill  Nice view of the cliffs of Champeaux and Mont Saint Michel if being on the terrace. Closed on Monday and Tuesday (except for bank holidays). 

« Thomas et Jean » 02 33 60 23 38 (2 Rue du Général de Gaulle, 50530 Saint-Jean-le-Thomas)

Pizzeria, Grill  Good service. Good meal. 


CHAMPEAUX (on the cliffs of Champeaux)  (9km)

« La Grange de Tom » 02 33 61 85 52 (40 route des Falaisesm 50530 Champeaux)

French local cuisine. Big portions. Nice view of the bay if being on the terrace. Opened on MONDAY. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday. 



« La table DT » 02 33 68 31 60 (Place Saint Gervais)

« Obione » 02 33 58 01 66 (Down town, inventie, gourmet (portions not too big… says my husband).

« La Croix d’Or » 02 33 58 04 88 French traditionnal gourmet food. Traditionnal setting.



« La promenade » Lovely food. Sea view through their veranda glass.


GRANVILLE harbor (25km)

« La contremarche» Lovely french and local food. Inside the walls of Granville (upper part of the city).

Large choice of restaurants (sea food and platters) in front of the harbor of Granville.


« La Mère Poulard » Main entrance of Mont-Saint-Michel


« Le Coquillage » Famous chef Olivier ROELLINGER  http://www.maisons-de-bricourt