À GENÊTS (à 2KM du B&B):

« La Pause desGenêts » 02 33 89 72 38 (11 rue Entrepont, 50530 Genêts)* OUR FIRST CHOICE

Great French food (quite gourmet), cozy ambience and good service. Opened from Thursday night to Sunday mid day. From July to mi-September opened all week except on Monday. Very nice terracee/garden in the back. MUST BE RESERVED IN ADVANCE, OTHERWISE YOU RISK IT WILL BE FULL. 

« Chez François » 02 33 70 83 98 (2 rue Jérémie, 50530 Genêts) http://www.chezfrancois.fr

Meat cooked in the chimney. Good ambience, great local spot. Closed on Wednesday, Thursday and first Friday of every month. MUST BE RESERVED IN ADVANCE, OTHERWISE IT WILL BE FULL. 

« Le Genêts » 02 33 70 84 19 (36 grande rue, 50530 Genêts)

Snack-bar, crêpes, home made 

« Le Petit Navire » 02 33 70 83 24 (61 grande rue, 50530 Genêts)

Home made French traditional cuisine with terrace in the back. Closed on Tuesday. Opened on Monday! 



« Le Jardin de Dunes » 02 33 68 28 20 (23 Route de Pignochet, 50530 Saint-Jean-le-Thomas)

Pizzeria, Grill (to take away as well). Nice view of the cliffs of Champeaux and Mont Saint Michel (terrace). Closed on Monday. 



« Crêperie des Grèves » 02 33 70 98 77 (2 route de la Côte, 50300 Vains)

Galettes (salty crêpes), (sweet) Crêpes, Grill.  Opened from Wednesday to Sunday. 



« La Croix d’Or » French traditionnal gourmet food.



«La promenade » Veranda and terrace with view to the sea. Great for seafood lovers of to go have a drink in their terrace.

« Chez Salvatore » Exquisite italian food. Must reserve in advance.



Many restaurants along the harbor if you wish seafood platters or fish.


« La Mère Poulard » French gourmet cuisine. Pirces are high.


« Le Coquillage » Famous chef Olivier ROELLINGER http://www.maisons-de-bricourt